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Fabric Exercise Bands


"... these bands have been a great addition! We take them to the gym, park, and even to the beach! They are great quality and the width is just right (they are not too wide). The fun colors are just an added bonus! We love them!"

"So glad I bought these to add to my home gym routine and being able to take to the gym ! They are awesome"

"Got these on recommendations from people at the gym where my husband works out. He had knee replacement surgery about 3 months ago and was using those rubber like bands. Some of them have torn. He likes these so much better."

"The bands are exactly as described! The bands are very sturdy and should hold up for many years. The bands are far superior to the rubber and silicone bands and are a great deal."

"La verdad me gustaron mucho, la tela es mucho mejor que las hechas de caucho. Estas no se "tuestan" con el tiempo, son más cómodos de usar y probablemente será mucho más duraderas. El empaque es muy práctico y son fáciles de llevar a todas partes. El e-book es bastante útil también."

"The bands remain stable while streching (no twisting). Good resistance range"

"...They are great quality with triple stitching, comfortable to use & have a carrying case. It also comes with a hard ball to massage knots in your legs, arms or back. I use the ball on the bottom of my feet and it keeps the fascia healthy."

Fabric exercise bands stay in place during your most strenuous exercises

stays in place


Durable and comfortable fabric bands designed to outlast your toughest workout 

won't tear

strong fabric

Get started off on the right foot with guidance and support from this ebook 

ebook exercises


your band Benefits

Your exercise bands come with access to your ebook that will help improve your workouts. 

The ebook includes exercises with descriptions to help you with warmups, core, upper & lower body band workouts.

take your workouts to the next level

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Each exercise band is crafted from high-quality fabric designed to outlast your toughest workout.

Manufactured to provide the optimal balance of comfort and resistance. Stitching designed to lay flat and smooth on the body.

strong & tough exercise bands, like you!

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Workout resistance bands are designed to prevent slipping during movement.

This frees you to focus on your movement, your breath, & your workouts without distractions.

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focus on your movment...
not the band


We sincerely appreciate your business! 

Creating these exercises bands has been a fun and challenging project for us...not too different from raising a child (like ours in the picture). 

We hope these exercise bands bring you years of improved fitness and rewarding growth! 

from our family

about us

My wife and I share a love for fitness and health. We hope that these exercise bands help you start, or continue, to find joy during your fitness journey. 

Whether you're brand new to exercising, getting back at it (maybe after an injury or pregnancy), or striving to hit new personal bests we sincerely hope that our bands help improve your results. 

it all started with fitness!

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